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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Gall bladder and problems

Today, while I was sitting in a cafe...I was thinking about " the comfort zone " factor. Being in one's comfort makes you idle and you are less then inspired to do anything.  Writing is my forte..I always knew but I only realized its importance after papa left. I was too lazy to understand earlier. 

For me the BIG C, was just another disease until it took my father. I never really bothered but now i am determined to tell people, even if they don't want to. They will have to listen to me...This is my humble request...don't ignore...because for any kind of CANCER...only AWARENESS is the CURE!

Once CANCER cells attack your body..even after successfully surviving does not guarantee that CANCER will not return....I  know someone, where CANCER started with breast ...over a period of time has now become blood cancer.

I, understand it is not something which everyone wants to listen or talk about but that will not change the fact that CANCER is a deadly disease. My father was a teetotaler.   He always always started his day with an apple. He was very disciplined regarding his health. Still CANCER happened...and it took him away.

If you are reading this please spend 5 minutes...to know what is gall bladder, and its functions...and various problems that affect GALL BLADDER ( Click on the link).