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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Welcome home.....

Hello Daadu!....

I guess you would have been really happy today. After 2yrs, and one day- life is finally moving ahead......

 For me, time has stood still....but I am happy!

May she be blessed with good health always ......

P.S: I Love you, Papa!

Monday, 26 October 2015

26October, its here again.....

Two years ago this day, my father was cruelly snatched away from me by cancer. Though, I knew it -but it was very difficut to accept and till date it is. And I don't know how long will it take.....

In these, two years life has been so difficult, never a single moment has passed when I haven't missed him.

Papa, I love you and miss you. But I know you are here with me, always and forever.

                                        (5October 1942- Forever...)

Picture from the last vacation we had....

P.S: I Love you, Papa

Monday, 5 October 2015

Cancer Myths Busted

Happy Birthday Papa!

Today would have been my father's 73rd birthday. But he is not here....Cancer (Gallbladder)
 took him away two years ago.

In these two years, I have remebered him everyday.missed him everyday. wished he was here everyday...but he never came....and I know -now he never will

For you, Papa....

Myths that make fighting with cancer more difficult.
  1. Cancer is contagious
  2. If you eat sugar, cancer spreads fast
  3. Garlic keeps cancer away
  4. Cancer cannot be treated
  5. Cancer kills
  6. Cancer Surgery, speeds up the spread of cancer in the body
  7. Cancer spreads in the body faster, when exposed to air.
  8. Being happy and joyful, helps you to recover faster. But yes, keeping a positive attitude does help in fighting cancer....
These all are myths, and not facts. So be smart enough to not fall in the trap. Fighting cancer is not easy. It takes lot of courage and lot more  knowledge to beat cancer. Have faith in yourself and your doctor.

Be aware, Fight Cancer!

Today, 5th October- Is International Teachers Day. So happy teachers day to my first and best teacher in the whole world....Thank you for teaching me the good and the goodness.

I Love You, Papa!