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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Cancer Awareness - Months at a glance!

Cancer Awareness -Calendar

Love you, Papa

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Cancer - Myths, Facts and Misconceptions

Cancer, when we talk about - everyone  has something to say. Whether  they know about the disease or not. Almost  2 years ago when  my father was diagnosed with cancer and I decided to go ahead with the treatment, everyone had something to say. Even I  had some beliefs of my own. But over  the time, I realized that most of the things said are generally not true. Thanks to the oncologist who answered my silliest queries and my extensive reading. I was able to overcome these misconceptions.

The worst part about these "myths" are that they can  not only delay the diagnosis but also prove to be major obstacle in the treatment. Since we all know that cancer is a serious condition and requires timely attention and any sort of delay may prove fatal. Because "Cancer is curable, If detected early".

In my article I have tried to bust the most common myths people have while giving valid medical explanation.


All tumor will eventually become cancer

There are 2 kinds of tumor- Benign and Malignant. Malignant tumors are cancerous. Benign tumors are not cancerous, though some may later become cancerous but in general they are not cancerous. Benign tumor is not metastatic( spread to other body parts) in nature.

Only cancerous tumors are dangerous

Though malignant tumors are certainly dangerous. But benign tumors can be equally threatening if left untreated.

Cancer is  genetic

Cancer, is a result of genetic mutation during lifetime as a result of various reasons prominent being exposure to radiation, smoking, lifestyle issues, medications etc. Of all the cancer cases reported, only 5 percent cases show hereditary inheritance.

Sweeteners causes cancer

No scientific evidence available to support the claim.

Cell phones cause cancer

Cancer is caused by genetic mutations and cannot be caused by low frequency waves those emitted by cell phones( too weak).


Drinking and smoking increases the risk of  cancer

Smoking and consuming alcohol excessively  increases the risk of cancer especially of the mouth, throat, liver, lung and colon cancer to name a few. 

Cancer and Immunity

Your immune system plays an important role in fighting cancer. The immune system identifies the cancer cells and destroys them before they spread. A weak immune system as in the case of people having AIDS are more likely to develop cancer. 

That is also the case, that why many people develop  cancer in old age- weak immune system. But we cannot always blame a weak immune system for cancer.

Processed food can cause cancer

There have been concrete evidences ( proven scientifically) that processed food especially meat can cause cancer of stomach and colon owing to the presence of carcinogens.

Regular exercise reduces cancer risk

Exercise helps a person not only to stay active and fit mentally and physically, but it has been proved scientifically that people who exercise regularly are less likely to develop colon and stomach cancer. But it should be kept in mind exercise is not a treatment nor exercising regularly will  help until you maintain healthy food habits.

Radiation increase cancer risk 

Radiation therapy during cancer treatment is a normal procedure. But it should be kept in mind that while targeting cancer cells, radiation also causes damage to normal and healthy cells. Which may prove fatal later.

Radiation therapy should always be administered by trained specialized professionals and in minimal dosages.


Old age cancer means death

Yes, it is true that cancer in old age is certainly dangerous. But it has nothing to do with age. Cancer in old age is fatal because of the person's declining health, weak immune system- which becomes a major factor when considering surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. But it definitely does not mean that people getting cancer in old age will eventually die- it actually depends on a person's individual health and ability to sustain treatment.

Cancer surgery or biopsy spread cancer

If surgery or biopsy is done carefully by trained profession- the chances of spread are negligible.

Cancer is contagious

No,  not unless there is any type of organ or tissue transplant (  tissues or organ is affected by cancer)

My father never had any kind of illness through out his life- no high or low blood pressure, no diabetes, his eyesight was normal, no major surgeries, no heart problems. He never smoke nor drank, still he had cancer. Indeed he was very healthy and active person. And one fine day he was diagnosed with cancer.

It came as a shock. But there was no place for any myth or misconception. The fact was - papa had cancer and he needed to be treated.

It's my humble request, whatever people say listen, don't believe them- do what is best for your loved one- get them treated.

Love you, Papa!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

May I help you!

If you are sad and depressed, and wish to talk - to someone, who is not your family or friend. If you are scared or are confused...

If you have doubts, or have a question(s).....call me! ( regarding cancer)

My number is : 9953996784

I will be more then happy, to listen to you and help you in some way.

P.S: Please, I request you to respect - this number is strictly for patients suffering from cancer or their families. So please refrain from making unnecessary call(s)...because we r trying to help and you can be a barrier...while somebody needs help......!

Love you, Papa!