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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Yoga for Cancer

Fighting cancer is not easy. And equally bad is taking the treatment. The worse part being - along with treatment come lot of side effects, that are needed to be care of at the same time. Though doctors try their best to deal with these symptoms and side effects. But coping with the side effects with more medicines starts taking toll on the patient much earlier  then expected. 

Most of the cancer patients, I have spoken to don't want to take medicine. Rather they want some natural method by which they can overcome side effects such as anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, and depression.

Yoga- I believe is the perfect answer. Yoga works on the whole body involving   breathing ( pranayama),  stretching excercise and meditation. It is a way of staying healthy and protecting yourself from  any sort of illness. 

Yoga, creates a perfect harmony between the mind, body and soul at the same time relaxing the mind and body. Yoga, the various postures(asanas) stimulate the nervous system, makes joints more flexible while the mind and body can calm andbe at peace. The excercises helps in improving breathing and blood circulation.

India, the birth place of yoga- people have been practising the art for over 5000yrs. Recently our hon.  prime minister Modi ji- annouced the first ever International yoga day( 21st June2015).   So why not? Yoga will not cure cancer, but can definetely make dealing with the symptoms easier on a daily basis with no side effects.

Yoga can be practised at home as per ones convinience and ability( First few lesson should always be taken under the guidence of an expert).

Baba Ramdev, world reknown yoga expert and spiritual leader talks about cancer in
Yoga For Cancer 

I Love you, Papa!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Alternative Treatment - Cancer

When papa was diagnosed with cancer, I was sure that he would emerge as a winner. I was confident, chemotherapy would do the necessary justice- but as time passed and nothing seem to work, I became desperate-more desperate. At that point of time, I was ready to try any treatment that would give some relief to papa.

Since I was a part of lot of forums and would read extensively, I found a few alternative treatments- that may or may not be helpful. But, I feel they are worth sharing, may be it heps someone.

 Most of these treatment have no proof and generally play no role in curing cancer, but they do provide some relief in dealing with the signs and symptoms as a result of cancer and the treatment.

Honestly speaking my father din't  or couldn't try these treatmets becasue of the weakness and his lack of desire to work on something which would not bring results( he was diagnosed on the advanced stage)

But one thing, that I felt really helped was music. Secondly, Lavender oil  helped him relax and sleep a bit( otherwise because of the pain, he could not sleep).

Most of these treatments- It is better to take help from professionals to begin- in order to mantain a balance between the traditional treament and the alternative treament.

Alternative treatment, which I personally feel are quite helpful ( some of them which as a caretaker- helped me to relieve my anxiety and stress)

Meditation:  The safest form of alternative treament. The patient can practice himself for 2-4minutes twice a day without any help from anyone.

Music Therapy:  The best I found. It helped in relieving pain and controlling nausea and  vomitting.  Music can be of any kind. Nowadays many hospital have trained staff to help the patients.

Massage(s):  Massages are found to be especially helpful in relieving pain, stress.  It helps you to relieve anxiety, fatigue and induces relaxation. 

People with cancer in bones have to be careful, while applying pressure.  

People with low blood counts should avoid any kind of massages. 

People with tumors, radiation treatments and  with scars should be extra careful while taking massages

Excercise : Through excercise, many signs and symptoms can be managed during the course of treatment. Regular excercise can help reduce stress and relieve fatigue and to an extent control insomnia.

Acupuncture: Basically a technique in which the trained specialist will insert tiny needles at particular sites on the body. This technique is extremely helpful in controlling pain and nausea as a result of cancer ( or treatment).

Patients who have low blood count or who are taking blood thinners should  consult the doctor before starting any such treatment.

Aromatherapy: Use of  different kinds of oils to relax the mind and the body. People with breast cancer should consult the doctor before using any kind of oil.

Yoga:  Includes stretching excercise with deep breathing. There many kinds of yoga. Yoga may provide some relief in stress for people with cancer. People who practise yoga regularly have shown sign of improved sleep pattern and reduction in fatigue.

Relaxation Techniques: Are said to help the patient by helping them by focus their attention on calming the mind and relaxing the muscles. These techniques help in reducing the anxiety and sleep better.

These tecniques are absolutely safe. With little gudence from the therapist - the patient will be able to do the techniques by himself in few days. 

All through my blog, I have repeatedly said that believe in your doctor. Nothing can replace the doctor. While most of the techniques mentioned above can be easily practised at home-but still I am saying before starting any of the above, meet the specialist- he will guide you through.  After all you are fighting CANCER- and we dont want to take risk. Your life is precious- value it, Love it!

I love you, Papa

Happy Fathers Day !!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

CANCER and Movies

All time movies based on cancer….

When there is pain. No medicine can help -then best is to divert your mind and at the same time get inspired.  Feel motivated. And fight cancer with more enthusiasm.

When papa became bedridden,  and the pain had become unbearable. I made a list of movies to take his mind off -the pain, the cancer….

He dint like -as he had lost interest in everything. To be honest , he dint watch even one of the them. But whatever, I told him him - he listened carefully and would give a faint smile…!

Below is the list of movies based on cancer ….I personally like the fault in our stars,  and would have liked to show it to papa but he left before …..
  • The Fault in Our Stars
  • Kankerlijers
  • Lullaby
  • Mike Says Goodbye!
  • Love Is All You Need
  • Ways to Live Forever
  • Mood Indigo
  • The Girl with Nine Wigs
  • Stuck in Love
  • Now Is Good
  • Safe Haven
  • Cool Kids Don't Cry
  • Hopeful Notes
  • After Fall, Winter
  • 50/50
  • My Sister's Keeper
  • C Me Dance
  • A Christmas Tale
  • The Ultimate Gift

I don't like watching movies,  but after watching these movies- I can surely say that when everything else fails- cinema can be the pain killer. Well.......to some extent....!

I Love you, Papa!