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Thursday, 31 July 2014


During the last few days when papa was very sick, he would often tell me what a good baby i have been....he was so proud of me...and i would wonder have i been?...the answer comes from within...NO.

In flashback when i think, in the past few years i was so busy with studies, job, my husband, my daughter..i didn't spend much time with him.  He would call me daily, though just for a minute and ask me the same question- How am I?  

Now I so urge that he ask me the same question, and he is no where. We as a kid are so selfish that we don't realise the importance of our parents. Had i spent a little more time with him, I would have known that he was not getting old but was fading.

I am an Asthamatic, I would get attacks at night, ..i remember, once when i had an attack...my first major attack after arriving in Delhi..I had to be hospitalized in the night itself.. i always wanted a play doctor set..that evening my father visited me in the hospital with the play-set.

When i returned, from hospital he would check several times at night if i was breathing. That was my papa for me. The best father in the world!

I will always be my father's baby,  even when a few years ago i became a mother to a princess myself.  I was very sick after my daughter's birth but the way papa took care of my daughter is unbelievable even when he himself was in his late sixties. I  would sleep peacefully, from feeding to changing nappy's papa has done all. 

For the first 2 years of her life meraaya was raised by my parents. Papa and Meraaya loved each other's company and in his company she learnt so many things so fast, as compared to other children's of her age. Papa would recite poems, teach her hindi( she picked up u se ullu) and maths( papa would consider himself a genius in maths, infact he was but we always made fun of him). And god only know what all she would eat with him....amla wafers, gulkand, apple murabba, Hingoli, Jeera goli, Anardana goli( she would se anar dana doli de do nanu) and the best -eating mangoes with hand. 

Things were perfect, and then papa left ..things changed forever ...in matter of months life is just not the same as it used to be. With papa gone, something inside me died that day -the zeal, the enthusiasm i had for life. I don't follow my passions anymore. I keep on running from myself. from one place to another...i try to keep myself so busy that i don't remember that one moment that changed our lives . I am always trying to get myself lost in a crowd that is unknown to me. If only i can find something that gives me peace.......!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rose Bud

For me writing has been always my passion....it is a medium that i vent out my feelings .good or bad..feeling happy and light without having to say a word!

This blog is not just a blog, its like i am painter and this blog is a canvas on which  i am painting my masterpiece...sometimes i will use bright color as red and some time pastels to show my state of mind. With patience and determination, i will create a piece of art- which will be a motivation to those around me and those who are away from me.

My father, always wanted me to write, and i always said...i will write papa...the day you become free of this daemon...and walk away as a "SURVIVOR", But nothing like this happened and the daemon took papa away, he left me behind on 26th October2013 and became a star- the brightest star - My PAPA!

I am writing for my father- who believed in me ( he always said - believe in yourself and things will be in your favor). He believed my lies, just like truths. He listened to my stories, just like a friend. 
He gave me choices, just  like a father would have. He gave me everything that i laid my hands on. With him around ..my hands were always full!

That one moment ( 1:20am, Saturday, 26October, 2013) - i felt i could not breathe. I wanted to hold my papa so tightly that i will never let him go. He was going ....he din't want to, I din't want him to...helpless and shattered, i stood there and he want away.

He din't deserve this. I always wanted his sufferings  to end! But...

And they did, he faded - moments after he was gone, i looked at his face-  it was so bright and calm as if nothing has ever happened. The scars, the bruises, swollen nerves left behind by months of chemotherapy and various tests just disappeared. He looked so peaceful as if he was fast asleep after a long tiring day and will just wake up! and call me"Beti".

My father was a very disciplined  and organized person especially when it came to health. Even after his retirement he maintained his disciplined routine. He was always a very happy and a contended man,  leading a very fulfilling life with his wife and his children and grandchild. Until tragedy struck and life came to a halt!  I lost my papa to CANCER( Gall Bladders cancer to be precise). 

I am not sharing all this because, I want to vent out the pain inside me. It will be there forever.  But i don't want anyone else to suffer like me. The pain, the anguish never goes but i am hoping things will be better.

In one of the finest CANCER hospital of India, where papa was treated, I saw this written 

                                          "If detected early, CANCER, can be cured"

I can never believe this, but in the hope that it will be true for someone. I want to use this blog as a medium to make people aware, so they don't go thorough the pain of loosing their loved one.
Miracles do happen, don't they ?

Be Aware, Be Careful and Stay Happy Always!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

HaPpY PaReNts DaY!

Parents Day - 27th July2014

Parents’ Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July in the United States each year to apprciate and promote parenting as an integral part of the family  and the society.


Parents’ Day is celebrated to spread  message about the importance of parents in development of the child, which requires investment, focus, and commitment. In 1994 President Bill Clinton signed into law a resolution adopted by the US Congress to establish the fourth Sunday of every July as Parents' Day. 

National Importance

Parents’ Day is a national observance but it is not a public holiday in the United States.


Parents’ Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday each year. Parents’ Day is a popular time for people to send cards, gifts, flowers and  cakes, to those who play an important role as a parent  in their lives. It is also a time for families to come together for lunches or dinners. Special tributes to are paid to parents who have played an important role during their growing years a through local announcements, at church services, or at local community events. 

Citizens, organizations, and federal, state, and local governmental and legislative entities are encouraged to recognize Parents’ Day through various activities, and educational efforts to recognize, uplift and support the role of parents in bringing up their children.

The Parents’ Day Council plays an active role in celebrating and promoting Parents’ Day through a number  of events and activities.  For example, the council honors “Parents of the Year” at local, state and national levels. Those who have been nominated or selected are people who exemplify the standard and ideal of positive parenthood. Exemplary parents from each state are nominated for “National Parents of the Year”.

In recent times, to promote Parents’ Day rallies have been held  and many organizations such as the United Civil Rights Councils of America are involved.

You don’t need a special day to tell you parents you love them. But you can make today and everyday special by telling them you do. So go ahead and tell then... I Love you!

Papa and Momma this is for you, I love you!

White wish!

I don't know what i want to write...but with this blog, i wish to heal and help others to heal who are in pain!
I am not a great writer, dancer, singer, cook or may be i am not good at anything...but what sets me apart from others is the urge to be a good human being...be an asset to this world....do something good for the society.

The name,  "Pause for a Cause", does make you wonder....as what it means... the lifestyle we are leading nowadays has no time for ourselves, parents, friends and kids.

Pause, spend time with those you love and who love you unless it becomes too late.

I don't want to preach nor i wish to pry in your  comfort zone. But i only want to give back what my father taught me.

He always said" if you can't do good, then don't do bad"!

Life is all about experiences, good or bad...you have to decide what to hold on too....and what to let go!
I am choosing to keep the good- TO THE JOURNEY TOWARDS SELF HEALING, in words of buddha

"Because you are alive, everything is possible"