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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Chapter 3 - The Doctor

When  looking for hospital, I had a difficult time in searching for the right hospital. It is very important to find the right hospital and equally important is to find the right doctor.  I have been to most of the hospital  and made a list solely on my experience.

Finding the right DOCTOR

Now that cancer has been diagnosed, you may be restless and feel that the treatment starts as soon as possible. You may want to rush.  But my suggestion is  choosing the  doctor carefully, will pay off in the year(s) to come. The bond you share with this person will probably last through treatment into long-term follow-up care. Though people have their own limitations and circumstances. But when i chose doctor for my father, i looked for the following criteria
  • Doctor who had prior experience treating  Gall Bladder Cancer patients
  • Doctor, who could be reached at any time of day and the hospital he practiced was near to my home.
  • Doctor, with whom i was comfortable with in terms of sharing my worst concerns and issues and was free to ask silliest question. Basically i needed a person who can handle my emotional concerns with medical treatment
  • Doctor/ hospital  was on panel ( Health Insurance Plan)
Based on the above criteria, i googled and gathered much information about this person. He was the head of the department. He was the right doctor. In his absence, his junior took over. The junior was a very warm person and a very dedicated doctor. Besides he was a very good person. I decided to retain him as papa's treating doctor. 

As time passed, a time came, when nothing much was left to do. The doctors' gave up.  
But i was not ready to give up. I wanted to fight. Fight and Win. I was adamant. I was desperate.The doctor suggested, I bring papa for radiation therapy.

I still went to the hospital for radiation therapy sessions with papa.  Not that these session would do wonder, but i wanted papa to have hope, even when he had none till his last breath. This  doctor still came to visit papa and always said " visit me when you get better". But papa never got better. And the day when papa became a star, i  messaged him to inform. He replied!

Thank you Doctor!

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Love you Papa!